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Vape Shop in Scranton

Infamous Vape Shop is a locally owned vape shop on the corner of Pittston Ave and Davis St in Scranton, Pennsylvania. We are an all authentic shop, offering a wide variety of products from starter kits to advanced mods. We also carry batteries, coils, tanks and a large variety of e liquids, including locally made and internationally recognized Infamous E Liquid.

Sometimes a vape shop pops up and it’s run by someone trying to just get a piece of the pie; but this shop is not one of those! Infamous vape shop will show you what vaping means and help you better understand what it is that you need. When you see that money alone isn’t the reason the owners have the shop, that’s when you know you have found your go-to store. Infamous, without a doubt, is here to stay! Stop in today or contact us to speak with our knowledgeable staff.

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570-703-0424 | | 3025 Pittston Ave., Scranton, PA 18505